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G6 E-Cig Starter Kits
G6 Starter Kits offer the ideal solution for new users getting started with electronic cigarettes. Similar in size to a traditional cigarette, the G6 e-cigarette is perfect for those seeking a compact unit. G6 Starter Kits include everything you need to get started, and to continue vaping.
g6 e-cigs srtarter kits

At VAPORZONE-ECIG you will find top quality E Cigarettes, US made E Liquids, Cartomizers, Tanks, Starter Kits and everything you need to get the best out of E Eigs

Triton E Cig Starter Kits
Triton Starter Kits are perfect for those that have outgrown the G6 E-cig or are looking to jump right into a superior performing system. These kits include all the hardware you'll need to get started, including immense battery life and the best tank system available.
Triton Starter Kits
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 We have the most realistic products on the market. Our goal is to make the transition from traditional tobacco cigarettes toElectronic Cigarettes as seamless as possible. 
G6 Mini Tanks
Halo G6 Mini Tanks offer a higher performance solution over standard cartomizers. These top quality Mini Tanks work with any G6 e cig Battery and are simple to refill. Unlike standard cartomizers, these unique tanks have no polyfill interior, just the pure clean taste of the E liquid itself.
Crystal Clear G6 Mini-Tank
Triton E Cig Tanks
Triton Tanks are designed to maximize your vaping experience, offering a huge 2.4ml capacity. Engineered to prevent leakage, these high-quality e liquid tanks are also extremely easy to refill. Triton Tanks are available in a variety of hot colors, and arrive ready to fill
Triton Tank
Variable Voltage ECIG Battery
Our Variable Voltage Battery, or Twist Battery, for the Triton Tank System offers the ultimate e-cig vaping experience for beginners and experts alike. With an adjustable voltage range of 3.3 to 4.8 volts, this exceptional Variable Voltage Battery will help you get the best flavor and performance out of your e-liquid. Just rotate the dial on the end of the Twist Battery to the desired voltage and you're ready to go. We recommend using the Triton Tanks with 3.0 - 3.2 ohm coils for the fullest range of flavor.
Variable Voltage Battery
G6 ECIG Batteries
Each of our superior quality G6 cig Batteries are designed with Infiniglow technology, using advanced circuitry to maximize usage time between recharges. Each G6 Battery is available in a variety of unique colors and sizes, offering a stylish exterior and feel with exceptional performance
Triton ECIG Batteries
Triton Batteries offer the ultimate in style and performance, and are available from 400 to 1300 mAh for those seeking longer usage times between charges. Variable voltage and pass-through models are also available for those seeking the ultimate vaping experience
Jet Black Triton Battery
G6 Prefilled Cartomizers
G6 Prefilled Cartomizers come ready to use, already filled with your favorite Halo Purity flavors. Our innovative Thermoflow technology offers a smooth flowing heated vapor, while our unique FlameGuard technology protects against burning of the polyfill interior while vaping : turkish tobacco, malibu, tribeca, prime15, belgian cocoa, torque56, menthol ice, hx3, subzero